Mallard Magnum White Labradors, Greers Ferry Lake, Heber Springs Arkansas
White Labrador Retrievers
Currently we are only producing
one-two litters per year so we can
dedicate quality attention and care
to each of our labs, who are more
like our "children!" Our puppies are
actually born inside our home (in
our master bedroom to be exact!)
and instantly receive nurturing and
love until the time when ownership
is transferred. We are firm
believers that quality time and
attention is
essential for our
puppy's development, ensuring
good socialization skills. It is
crucial this bond is continued
throughout adulthood so each lab's
potential is attained. (Please, if you
are not committed or unable to
devote adequate attention to your
DO NOT  contact our kennel).
Mallard Magnum White Labradors, Greers Ferry Lake, Heber Springs Arkansas

$$$ Please Message me for Specific
Limited Registration Only

We are seeking devoted families
to ensure our lab puppies have a
rewarding and fulfilling life.
"Meet Our Labs"
CODY: She was the backbone of our kennel &  the dam of our other females, producing beautiful,
snow-white puppies that has provided abundant joy & love to several families. Background:
AKC/UKC, OFA Certified, certified in Pet Therapy; Multi-Generation Championships in Show,
Obedience and Field.  A  true "one-in-a-million" lab & my best friend whos presence is missed
daily. We will continue to live out the Mallard Magnum Tradition in her memory. We love you &
will always remember you "Cody Girl!"  RIP: 11/11/2001-10/17/2012.
MAVERICK: STUD SERVICE  is available with Maverick, our 11-year-old male.  He's AKC/UKC, Pet
Therapy Certified & OFA Certified with championship(s) pedigree.  He has large frame (110 #'s)
with huge block head; snow-white body with tint of cream on edge of ears.  He exhibits a high
level of intelligence & obedience, an excellent hunter with tremendous desire to retrieve; Very
protective yet termed our "gentle giant," and everyone falls in love with him at first sight!!
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SHELBY: She's our 10-year-old "pick of the litter" and continues our generation of breeding beautiful,
snow white labs.  She's AKC/UKC registered and Pet Therapy Certified; she has small build and
exhibits many identical characteristics of her mother, Cody.  Excellent hunter/retriever with keen,
attentive eyes. Has produced several beautiful, snow white pups for several families. (RETIRED).
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MACEY: She is our beautiful, 7-year-old "pick of the litter" from Cody's last litter.  She is AKC
registered and OFA Certified.
 Beautiful, Snow-White Lab, exhibiting smaller frame. Extemely intelligent,
energetic with strong desire to retrieve. Macey will carry on the Mallard Magnum Breeding Tradition.
Macey's Halloween Costume-"Chocolate Lab"